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Sunday Collaboration

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My man DERS asked me to do a series of collabos for his upcoming “Kool Killer”show in Winterthur/ Switzerland ( 2nd of july Kunstraum Winterthur). He gave me some marvellous metal boards with oxydated styles and tags. It took me a day to add the matching spraycaps plus new portraits. Although it`s sunday we had to finish the pieces. Tomorrow is hanging time. Good luck with the show, man!


1 of 4 , more detailshots coming soon!




hollywood pizzaiolo

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why am i thinking i know this guy on my pizza box?



In surftips on 22. June 2009 at 23:50

check out this massive stencil project (LOAD) the UK located Artists Ben Slow, Snik, FarkFK, Blam, Finbarr DAC did in London at the Royal Albert Hall. This movie from german “Stern-” magazine shows some images and the backgroundstory of the Paintings.


friend or foe?!

In homies on 20. June 2009 at 18:04

this is definately my friend, mentor, and feedbacker. the krellmaster COLE.TWS chilling with me at the studio and listening to wefunkradio.com. check his site at: http://www.wolfgangkrell.de.



In essentials on 18. June 2009 at 15:55

2. what`s a stencil artist without spraycans?

nothing. this is what we call essential writing supplies. it`s not that important how much cans you have. it`s more important to have a colour range that you like. of course they should work together. i recommend to always buy one colour range at a time. go from light to dark. start with white and black, and then get the greytones. the next time you go for bluetones or redtones… you`ll figure it out. i prefer molotows, but that`s a philosophy on its own.


more essentials coming soon.

wall of fame

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yeah! after a year of running to the city council i finally got an admission to paint a 100m long wall next to my studio and the carhartt gallery. for the exhibition “public provocations” at carhartt gallery we had some amazing graffiti artists in town. so some of the artists took the chance and bombed the wall right away. i will post some more fotos as the wall is growing. here are the first shots i took so far.

ZEDZ one from the Netherlands:


and Mr. Pink 😉 , REYES from San Francisco still at work!



In essentials on 17. June 2009 at 00:31

1. what`s a stencil artist without a cap on his spraycan?!

nothing! this is what we call a superskinny cap. i recommend those for spraying the details of your stencils. they are available at every good can store. you can also order those directly at: http://www.molotow.com.


more essential tools coming soon.


In fresh stuff on 17. June 2009 at 00:04

I am starting this blog to let the world now what`s going on.

Find updates every couple of days. I planned to show you paintings under construction, shots from the studio and news about exhibitions. I will also communicate and share interesting stuff like other artists homepages and links throughout the www. feedback is always welcome!

peace, LECKO