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upcoming show: “friends with knifes”

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september is really packed with action.

so let me show you the first event which i am very happy to announce.

the groupshow is presented by DirtyPilot.com and is called “friends with knifes”. the show brings together some well known stencil artists from all over the world. some of them became true friends during the last year. so i am happy to exhibit with great stencil artists like A1One from Iran, Papermonster, Koleszar and Peat Wollaeger from the United States or HaHa from Melbourne Australia, just to name some of them.

Can`t wait for it!


find info at:

Dirty Pilot: http://dirtypilot.com/

Papermonster`s Blog: http://papermonster.wordpress.com

A1one`s website: http://www.kolahstudio.com/a1one

John Koleszar`s Blog: http://koleszar.blogspot.com

Peat Wollaeger`s website : http://www.stensoul.com

HaHa`s website: http://www.regantamanui.com


w.t.f – part 2 NZZ, Zürich Newspaper

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(sorry this one comes in german language:)

19. August 2009, 13:14, NZZ Online

Vandalen besprayen Blumentöpfe am Paradeplatz

(sda) 22 überdimensionierte Blumentöpfe im Rahmen der diesjährigen Sommeraktion der City Vereinigung Zürich sind in der Nacht zum Mittwoch am Paradeplatz besprayt worden. Die betroffenen Geschäfte reichen Strafanzeige gegen Unbekannt ein.

Alle Topfobjekte am Paradeplatz seien durch die Sprayereien Unbekannter kurz vor Mitternacht zerstört worden, teilte die City Vereinigung Zürich am Mittwoch mit. Der Schaden an den von elf der besten Street-Art-Künstlern Europas gestalteten Töpfe belaufe sich auf mindestens 200’000 Franken.

Eine «derart blinde Zerstörungswut haben wir bei allen bisherigen Sommeraktionen noch nie erlebt», wird Milan Prenosil, Präsident der City Vereinigung Zürich, im Communiqué zitiert. Seit dem Frühjahr zieren in der ganzen Stadt rund 300 teils von Künstlern gestaltete Riesentöpfe die Stadt. Die Aktion dauert noch bis zum 20. September.


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some of you may remember that project “gartencity” in Zürich, Switzerland i took part. the idea was to paint gigantic flower pots and place them in the heart of the city centre. there were about 200 pots throughout Zürich from various artists. we were a group of 11 graffitiartists that painted two pots each. The lineup was great for example Loomit, Nychos, Smash137, Dare, Kiam…to name some of them.

so finally after 6 weeks the “REAL” graffity sprayers took over the place and destroyed all our 22 flower pots.

good job bollocks!











spraying hands

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“yeah mr duerer, that`s what happens if you don`t wear cloves!!”


spraying hands 44x45cm/ 2009

add on, Monday, 17.08.2009:

I am very proud that this work has been voted “Stencil of the week” by Stencil History X.

If you want to learn more about quality stencil art and stencil graffiti check out the Paris located internet platform: http://www.stencilhistoryx.com.


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i am such a lucky guy 😉 marc woehr, stuttgart located graffiti artist did a collabo with me for the monuments series. i met marc two years ago and since then we have been in good contact. mark`s got a unique style of mixing aerosols and collages. his special colour scheme and graphical elements are exceptional.

in the last two years marc woehr exhibited at primary flight for the art basel miami fair, or in berlin for the wallbreaker`s show. his latest show was at the carmichael gallery in LA. have a closer look on his work on his website at: http://www.marcwoehr.de.



work in progress.

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today … 17:25 … my studio … finishing the next collabo with M.F.G from stuttgart, germany.



In monuments on 1. August 2009 at 13:01

i was lucky that another graffitiartist was in town, so i took the chance and asked him to do a collaboration within the monument series. REKS is from italy. yeah, and who knows italians knows that they are fanatic about their coffeculture…and you know what, they are right! best coffe in the world! so we have chosen this motive. REKS colours are mirroring his hometown naples. the ones of you that are aware of soccer will recognize the colours of the naples team….maradonna mia!