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hallenkunst / chemnitz

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snowy saxony in december + great mix of artists + a beautiful location = hallenkunst.





chrome series

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this series is inspired by rene margrittes work. you may know the painting “ceci n`est pas une pipe”. i tried to transfer it into my language of paintings. what`s left is the background colour and the attempt to work with words. it`s not that visible on the fotos but the motives consist of three colours. chrome, black and white.


“kulturkonserve”  100x70cm/ 2010


“Orndungshüter” 100x70cm/ 2010


“Wahrheitsfinder” 100x70cm/ 2010


“Sicherheitsexperte” 100x70cm/ 2010

monument dense

In monuments on 22. November 2010 at 11:15

hello, hello….

here`s the latest collaboration from the monument series. this is thomas canto a.k.a. DENSE from france.




5. masking tape

In essentials on 10. November 2010 at 07:52

okay so using the right tape is a science depending on your surface and the kind of colours you are working with. i want to share some experiences with you. of course every adhesive tape even cheap ones work. but if you need a good masking tape then i recommend the yellow one. all the “tape”- companies offer these FINELINE-tapes now. they may be a little more expensive, it`s about 5 euros. but once you`ve tried this one you don`t want to use any other, especially when you spraypaint on wood.

the big advantage of this kind of tape is:

– no colour creeps under the tape!

– you can even mask thin lines with this tape.

– easy to handle and rip off.

– it`s not ripping off your sprayed colour.

next stop: Chemnitz

In exhibitions on 10. November 2010 at 07:28

actually i planned not to exhibit for the rest of the year. but these guys are setting a show together that you cannot afford to miss if you are invited. here you can find their daily updated website : www.hallenkunst.de and a first trailer (german language only).

monument “LETRUC”

In monuments on 10. November 2010 at 01:23

when i started to get interested in graffiti in the early 90ies Mr LETRUCS throwup was everywhere in Basel …. actually his were the first bubble lettered throwups i `ve had seen in my life … it was a revelation for me. we have met like 15 years later and of course i asked him about making a collaboration which we did. here we go:

tribute to DARE at K31 gallery.

In exhibitions on 11. October 2010 at 18:20


100x100cm/ Spraypaint and stencils on wood/ 2010.

— ADD ON: —

find a movie about the show and some fotos at www.ilovegraffiti.de

Künstler zeigen Künstler

In exhibitions on 23. September 2010 at 08:05

i am having my studio in the centre of culture in my hometown. we are a total of about 25 artists with various skills and styles. we are setting up public events regularly. after a year of brainstorming and planning we introduced a new concept to the audience. the idea was to use the aigles as a gallery…so everyone of us invited another artist, and we primed and prepared the walls for them. i was lucky to have SWET from denmark as my “guestartist”. i took the chance to show some works from A1one and some other collaborations with Marc Wöhr and Frerk too. the idea worked, and the show was well accepted by the audience.

Here are some shots of the event…

“Strassenkunst zwanzigzehn”

In exhibitions on 23. September 2010 at 07:43

the arts club of Regensburg set up a show of urban art and asked me to show some paintings. i could`nt be there persobal, but i`ve sent a selection of work. you can find some photos on their website at kunstvereingraz.de.

“artyou – Urbane Kunst Basel”

In exhibitions on 23. September 2010 at 07:38

the next projects were waiting in my home region. i was invited to show at a group show in basel…. the show is called artyou and wants to show a wide range of urban art in the city of basel. the lineup was pretty nice. and i was happy to meet some new artists, like Grito and Aryz from spain.

i had to party hard so most of my pics are pretty blurry…but here`s a best of: