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next stop: genua/ italy

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can`t wait for the next exhibition (Group Show) that will take place in Genova/ Italy. I am heading down there with Dome and Bisser. Two artists that are living and working close from where I live. I am not prepared 100% yet. So that means two more weeks of work. I`ve got some plans… That`s something… but way not enough. So I will have two more busy weeks… Trying to keep you posted.



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latest work… stencils on an old cunstruction fence/ 11x55cm…

we are friends

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the lover invited me to show my stuff in essen. and because of the reason that i have not been in this part of germany before it was an easy thing to decide. so i packed my stuff got me a train ticked and went down there…

1000 and 1 blades

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i love my olfa knife…and soon after i`ve decided to stick with cutting stencils i started to collect my used ones….now a couple of years later i arrived at blade number 1000. i know it`s silly but i am bad with throwing things away…

collabo piece

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in december FRERK and me were invited by Mark Wöhr and the 0711 label to come down to stuttgart/ D and celebrate their 13th birthday with an exhibition. i am sorry that i cannot show more pics, because the exhibition space beeing was so dark a lot of my photos came out crap.

we took some time and some beers and painted a collabo piece….

Snapshot from A1one

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this is a snapshot from my man A1one from Iran….and yes, there`s my sticker blinking in the streets of Teheran… what a year for the Iran…still remember the pictures…hope you will have some peace soon!

november 2009

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thanks to GT29 and martial art for having me at villars-sur-glane in switzerland. great space….cool exhibition.

it`s been a while…

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november 2009: I`ve been showing some of my works in washington/ usa at artwhino gallery. the title of the show was “old skoolin`for the children. i did two portraits of some friends a while ago…so it seemed that those images worked so good that art whino picked it for the flyer….