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Genova Italy/ A Great Stuff

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So after beeing back and two days of sleeping i want to update you with some shots of the exhibition in Genova/ Italy.

We have been invited by the Openlab Gallery and Subliminal Graffiti Mag for a show. We, that is REMS 182 and  MACS from Italy, DOME, SATone, BISERAMA and me from Germany. So i was lucky that Dome and Biser picked me up at my the studio with all stuff. You know it`s just more fun to make such a trip together than going alone by train or plane…

I don`t know exactly but one way down to Genova is about 600 or 700 kilometres…so we made a break and slept one night in milan. next moring the travel continued and we arrived at the Gallery in Genova….much too late. So we had to start immediately to hang the paintings. We met the Italian artists, and SAT who already were there to prepare their stuff. And Etnik who came down to paint live at a venue close to the gallery. We could not finish everything so we had to continue the next day….

6 hours before the opening SAT had the idea that he wants to hang the pieces 10cm higher….the very moment he took the nails from the walls water shot out of a tiny whole….great. he hit the tube…like in a bad movie… but the openlab guys are a really a good team, so they fixed the problem within 2 hours and we finished everything.

after the show we went to the burrida, a venue close to the gallery to paint. vittorio from subliminal mag organized a party to celebrate the publishing of the latest mag. fun times. i`ve painted my tagging dog there on a wall….i think i can throw my stencils away after that…they are soaked with water, because the wall was so wet. anyway i was satisfied with the result, and went straight to the bar, to get some drinks …and some more drinks …

the next morning i woke up with a headache, but we had to pack and leave… now back at home i am looking forward to lock myself in in the studio and get back to cutting and painting.

Group shot.

Characters by MACS/ Italy.

Detail of DOMEs work…

BISER checking his installation … SATone pieces in the background.

DOME watching MACSs sketches…

some of my stuff…

SATone/ Munich – Germany.

REMS182 portraits in Oil…wonderful pieces.


latest work

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leave your mark/100x80cm/  stencil and acrylics on wood/ 2010

i did this dog again, because i just love it…


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4. the broom

what is an artist`s studio without a broom? an effin` mess!

you know, there`s nothing worse than looking for the right drill while your in the flow, or stumble over an open bucket of paint…

so, after finishing a step of work, or certainly after finishing a piece i am cleaning up my studio space. it`s just better to have the stuff where it belongs to. i think cleaning up your workspace will  help to clean up your mind … (and sometimes it works).