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5. masking tape

In essentials on 10. November 2010 at 07:52

okay so using the right tape is a science depending on your surface and the kind of colours you are working with. i want to share some experiences with you. of course every adhesive tape even cheap ones work. but if you need a good masking tape then i recommend the yellow one. all the “tape”- companies offer these FINELINE-tapes now. they may be a little more expensive, it`s about 5 euros. but once you`ve tried this one you don`t want to use any other, especially when you spraypaint on wood.

the big advantage of this kind of tape is:

– no colour creeps under the tape!

– you can even mask thin lines with this tape.

– easy to handle and rip off.

– it`s not ripping off your sprayed colour.



In essentials on 5. February 2010 at 04:49

4. the broom

what is an artist`s studio without a broom? an effin` mess!

you know, there`s nothing worse than looking for the right drill while your in the flow, or stumble over an open bucket of paint…

so, after finishing a step of work, or certainly after finishing a piece i am cleaning up my studio space. it`s just better to have the stuff where it belongs to. i think cleaning up your workspace will  help to clean up your mind … (and sometimes it works).


In essentials on 18. July 2009 at 12:10

3. what`s a stencil artists without a knife?

nothing! as always in life there are expensive and cheap solutions. you can get exacto knifes for almost 30 euros in special artists shops or you can take throw away knifes in every do-it-yourself shop. i think the most important thing is to have affordable blades because i use to exchange them very quickly. that`s why i use an “OLFA knife – model KB”. So far it`s the best knife i`ve worked with. with the pen comes a box with 25 spare blades. you can also buy spare blades separetely for about 4 euros. i think that`s a perfect cost – perfomance ratio.




In essentials on 18. June 2009 at 15:55

2. what`s a stencil artist without spraycans?

nothing. this is what we call essential writing supplies. it`s not that important how much cans you have. it`s more important to have a colour range that you like. of course they should work together. i recommend to always buy one colour range at a time. go from light to dark. start with white and black, and then get the greytones. the next time you go for bluetones or redtones… you`ll figure it out. i prefer molotows, but that`s a philosophy on its own.


more essentials coming soon.


In essentials on 17. June 2009 at 00:31

1. what`s a stencil artist without a cap on his spraycan?!

nothing! this is what we call a superskinny cap. i recommend those for spraying the details of your stencils. they are available at every good can store. you can also order those directly at: http://www.molotow.com.


more essential tools coming soon.