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Snapshot from A1one

In fresh stuff on 19. January 2010 at 12:04

this is a snapshot from my man A1one from Iran….and yes, there`s my sticker blinking in the streets of Teheran… what a year for the Iran…still remember the pictures…hope you will have some peace soon!


limited stencil edition on paper

In fresh stuff on 8. September 2009 at 18:54

watch out! backflashes into the childhood can result in some art.. that`s what happened to me the other day. and what came out is my first limited stencil on high quality paper. it`s an edition of 30 pieces in various colours, such as nature white, light green, light blue, and sylver…here are some shots of the progress …

title: oldschool/ size: 35x50cm/ 2009/ 30pcs.




spraying hands

In fresh stuff, Uncategorized on 15. August 2009 at 00:35

“yeah mr duerer, that`s what happens if you don`t wear cloves!!”


spraying hands 44x45cm/ 2009

add on, Monday, 17.08.2009:

I am very proud that this work has been voted “Stencil of the week” by Stencil History X.

If you want to learn more about quality stencil art and stencil graffiti check out the Paris located internet platform: http://www.stencilhistoryx.com.


In fresh stuff on 17. June 2009 at 00:04

I am starting this blog to let the world now what`s going on.

Find updates every couple of days. I planned to show you paintings under construction, shots from the studio and news about exhibitions. I will also communicate and share interesting stuff like other artists homepages and links throughout the www. feedback is always welcome!

peace, LECKO