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In homies on 12. July 2009 at 10:07

this is the second of two pieces i did together with RUSL, who is a very talented young graffiti writer. i really liked working together with him, especially due to the fact that he is not painting on canvas that often. so this piece is pretty unique. thanks RUSL.

check him out at: http://www.rusl1.de/



friend or foe?!

In homies on 1. July 2009 at 14:28

this is definately my friend. i am in that happy situation that i can name the stylemaster, pencilchiefrocker and international graffiti heroe DARE my studio neighbour, mentor and most important my friend.

whenever i am in urgent need of a constructive feedback he is there with his 20 years of experience and a suggestion of improvement. thanks a lot for that, man!


DARE in his studio next to mine…

Sunday Collaboration

In homies, Uncategorized on 28. June 2009 at 23:01

My man DERS asked me to do a series of collabos for his upcoming “Kool Killer”show in Winterthur/ Switzerland ( 2nd of july Kunstraum Winterthur). He gave me some marvellous metal boards with oxydated styles and tags. It took me a day to add the matching spraycaps plus new portraits. Although it`s sunday we had to finish the pieces. Tomorrow is hanging time. Good luck with the show, man!


1 of 4 , more detailshots coming soon!



friend or foe?!

In homies on 20. June 2009 at 18:04

this is definately my friend, mentor, and feedbacker. the krellmaster COLE.TWS chilling with me at the studio and listening to wefunkradio.com. check his site at: http://www.wolfgangkrell.de.