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hallenkunst / chemnitz

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snowy saxony in december + great mix of artists + a beautiful location = hallenkunst.





chrome series

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this series is inspired by rene margrittes work. you may know the painting “ceci n`est pas une pipe”. i tried to transfer it into my language of paintings. what`s left is the background colour and the attempt to work with words. it`s not that visible on the fotos but the motives consist of three colours. chrome, black and white.


“kulturkonserve”  100x70cm/ 2010


“Orndungshüter” 100x70cm/ 2010


“Wahrheitsfinder” 100x70cm/ 2010


“Sicherheitsexperte” 100x70cm/ 2010

coming and going

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the best thing about travelling is coming and going.

“going” meaning the excitement for something new. new experiences, meeting people or even making new friends. on the other hand it`s great to come home again where family is waiting for you and your first hand updates. this trip was awesome and i hardly can`t wait for future projects. I`ll be back!

photo: shane pomajambo

Dulles International Airport/ Washington D.C.

It`s not a trick … opening night

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after 6 weeks of preparaion and focuing on the show we were finally happy to open the show. weather was good, food was prepared, beers and beverages cold…. rock`n roll! here are some shots of the night.

ArtWhino Gallery at Waterfront Street, National Harbor/ Washington.

sketching session with a bgirl model.

YO! DJ Calvecon in the house, playing some quality oldschool hiphop.

originals in the house!

art talks. photo taken by ArtWhino

great to have an interested crowd! photo by artwhino

"Future" live. playing some psykedelic Funk, and shaking the paintings off the wall 😉

Future, Luz, Shane and me.

It`s not a trick / pt.3

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short visit at the white house. giving the man some tips … maybe he can spread some flyers for the show?!

It`s not a trick / pt.2

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sleeping over the first day, and having inspected the damage, we were unpacking the rest of the paintings. and they were all o.k.so we could plan the layout and this is how we planned it:

It`s not a Trick

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I am currently in Washington D.C. for my first solo show. I have been invited by the ArtWhino Gallery to show my latest works. So I was working hard the last two weeks at home to finish enough paintings to ship them over there. Everything was prepared in time, so i could enter the plane from zürich relatively relaxed. My solid wooden box even arrived one day before i stepped off the plane…so far so cool.

So this is how i found my box when i came into the gallery the first time…

and again…this box was solid. so next step was opening it…to have a look how bad the paintings got hit.

and this happened to two corners….this means. i need to do some shopping….home depot and get all necessary materials…whatever. i am going to fix this.

next stop: “Friends with Knives” Crewest Gallery L.A.

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Papermonster and the crewest gallery worked out a great groupshow. and i am proud to be with them. pieces are on their way. i am very sorry i cannot make it over there in time… i am heading to the usa a couple of days later for another show.more info to come.

First Silkscreenprint available.

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I am proud to announce that my first Silkscreen print is available. (just click the image)

Title: “Evolution”

Size: 70x50cm

Date: 2010

limited to 50 pieces.


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i took a couple of  foto in mantes la jolie, close to paris france. working on it for four weeks and cutting a couple of stencils later this was the result:


100x100cm/ Spraycolour on MDF/ 2010/ lmtd. to 3 pieces.